• Rid Mamun
    Based in Toronto since 2009

Rid Mamun Photography

Based in Toronto, Specializing in High Fashion, Couples and Portfolio/Headshot Photography.


High Fashion Photograpy

Fashion photography in its most primitive sense is the photography genre devoted to displaying and promoting clothing, accessories, style, makeup, coiffure and haute couture. It is the photographer’s vision and ability to bring out the perfect look, attitude, lifestyle, story and mood best suited for the high fashion wardrobe and style being displayed.

Glamour Portfolio and Headshots

With glamour photography the primary focus is on depicting the model or subject’s natural features to create soft, captivating, beautiful, classy and sexy images, which are meant to capture the viewers in a state of lucid dream, finding oneself in that moment with the model or subject. The image stands in its own entirety with the model or subject being most important and everything else complementary.


Couple photography includes everything from a couple wanting to capture their love, passion and just how good they look together, to proposals, engagements and wedding day photos with an emphasis on high fashion photography. Therefore, the photos will be in an editorial style involving retouching to perfection, capturing those beautiful moments in time.

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A Little About Rid Mamun

Rid Mamun is currently based in Toronto, Canada. He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and raised in Toronto. While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from York University, Rid worked at Armani Exchange styling men and women of all ages for three years. During this time, he developed a keen interest in the world of fashion. Attending Toronto Fashion week on numerous occasions as a freelance photographer, Rid discovered his passion for fashion photography. He truly believes everyday holds a story of its own for an individual hidden under their unique personal expressions. With the right arrangement of location, light and lens, Rid loves to capture those split seconds that create lasting memories for the individual(s) to cherish, while others gain inspiration. Rid wants his pictures to not only tell a story that may be fictional or based on true events, but essentially to make people think.